Service Projects

September 29th

  • Sonshine Manor
    • We will NOT be meeting for this service project.
    • We will be blessing the residents with care packages and cards/letters.
    • They have 33 females and 13 males living in the facility.
    • Please send only nonperishable items.
    • This is only one suggested way to serve. I hope each family will set aside time on Tuesday to talk about serving and make this an important aspect of your co-op time. It would be easy to put some items in your amazon cart and toss them in a box at our next co-op meeting, but I hope you’ll take the opportunity to make this project impactful to your family and really discuss topics like serving, care and respect for our elders, the importance of friendship and companionship (and how the people in long term care might be missing that), and brainstorm with your kids on other possible ways to serve during this unique time.

December 8th

  • TBD

March 2nd

  • TBD

Service Project Suggestion Sheet