September 25th


April and I are having to stay over an hour after co-op each week in order to get everything clean. A lot is done and we are very greatful! There is still a lot that is assigned to youth students and teachers that is being overlooked or forgotten. Please help us out by being extra diligent to get the church back in order at the end of the day.

  • There will be pictures attached to each class room door frame (with the room sign) that show how the room should be set at the end of the day. Please check your picture and be sure your room matches it before you leave.
  • Bathrooms will not have pictures, but those should have the following done: trash picked up, counters wiped down/dried, all toilets flushed.
  • Be sure to replace the trash bag if you empty the can in your classroom.
  • If you have a youth PLEASE help us by checking EACH of your kid’s cleaning assignments EACH WEEK before you leave. (You can find the youth cleaning assignments and job descriptions on the website.)


  • Do not meet at the church on Tuesday, September 29th.
  • We will be blessing the residents of Sonshine Manor with care packages and cards/letters.
  • See the Service Project page for more information.

September 11th

    • If you’re taking students outside please use the door in the teacher’s lounge.
    • Please remember never to prop exterior doors open.
    • Elementary Mentors will cover recesses going forward.
    • Mentors should walk classes to recess and back to class.
    • Teachers, be aware that this change will mean that there will not be a mentor available while you’re class having snack.
    • Youth Cleaning jobs will be assigned this weekend. Be sure you check the website and help your youth understand the job they are assigned to.
    • Co-op has purchased a vacuum and a few brooms and dustpans.
    • We will have these and cleaning supply totes located at the registration desk near the stairs.
    • Please use what you need and return so the next person can use them.

September 7th

  • First Day of Co-op
    • Tomorrow is the big day!! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. Please remember to be seated in the Youth Sanctuary (where we had our meeting) and ready to start promptly at 12:30.
  • Supplies Request Form
    • There is now a supplies request form available on the Documents page. Please use this when requesting supplies.
  • Sub Videos
    • We now have an H.I.S. YouTube channel. Please send your videos to April and she will post them on our channel. You can either send them to her through messenger or email them to


  • 7:00 tonight at Northside Christian Church
    • There will be a time at the meeting to collect needed supplies and request supplies that aren’t in the closets. Please bring a list of supplies that your class will need for at least the first few weeks (More supplies can be requested throughout the year.)